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We've all been there.

The excitement of an upcoming trip can quickly turn into stress with the pressure of trying to plan the perfect vacation. Who has time to research every restaurant, hotel, and guide company in a place you’ve never been? What does ‘three-star hotel’ even mean? Is that new bistro really as good as their website claims? You’ll do your best, read some reviews, and hope for a dream trip. Unfortunately, the return home often includes deflated thoughts like, “Next time, we’ll know where to go.” Or, “We should have gone there or done this.” Or, “I wish I had known about that…”

Thats where we come in.

whereRyou is a social networking travel site that helps you get the MOST out of your vacation. Whether it’s a romantic weekend getaway two hours from home or an exotic month-long escape to another country, you’ll find all of the recommendations and insider tips you need to make your trip exactly what you want.
We know your vacation time is limited. You don’t want to waste it by eating at a bad restaurant or waiting in line for 4 hours for a mediocre tour. We help take the guesswork out of visiting a new place so you can maximize your precious time away. The best part? The info comes from people you know and trust- your friends! .

How does it work? Simple!

1.Join the whereRyou community by providing some basic information.
2.Invite your friends to join. (Super easy, since we link to Facebook!)
3.Create a ‘Trip’ page. Where are you headed? Where have you been?
4.Add details like hotels, restaurants, must-see sights, and your photos.
5.Click “share” and show off your Trip to your friends!

When you create a new Trip, you’ll automatically see a list of friends who’ve been there before. You can check out their photos, read their tips and suggestions, and learn what they loved (or what they recommend you skip!) We even have a feature we call “Simul-Trip,” where we notify you of friends who happen to be planning a similar trip at the same time as you. Travel just got a lot smarter!

Plan wisely, share your experiences and photos, and give suggestions to the people who matter to you- all in one place. What are you waiting for? Join the whereRyou community today, and get started on your next adventure!

Happy Travels!

The whereRyou Team















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