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Due Holidays

Due Holidays Inc., is a complete travel solution provider and is one of the best privately owned travel agencies with its decades long experienced staff, travel guides male/female who speak your language. Our wide range of services include Trekking in Nepal, cheap online airfare, Holidays in Greece, Jungle safaris in Nepal, white water eafting, Tibet tours, yoga & meditation, tours of nepal, the birth place of Buddha and more...

We are here to serve you differently with a strong commitment to your satisfaction and value for your money. We do not guide you from books rather we use local guides who speak your language, understand your culture, and make you feel comfortable. We seek to achieve this by pursuing the path of excellence that guides you to the frontier of knowledge and the best standard of traveling around Asia and the World. Thus, we have cultivated responsive and responsible links with the wider communities on earth, emphasizing on social responsibility and ethical behavior.

Some of the things that make use unique:

- We are eco-friendly encourage on RRR approach.
- 5% of our Net-Profit directly goes to the NGOs working for education and Impact of climate change on food.
- We DO NOT sale stale packages rather we want to spend time with you to make your itinerary that is just right for you since we care about you personally.
- You DO NOT have to pay our service charge until you complete your journey.
- We DO NOT charge registration FEE to the Volunteers willing to support NGOs and educate poor & underprivileged children.

Sample Itinerary - 1 Day / 2 Nights Chitwan National Park Tour*
Sample Itinerary - Annapurna Base Camp Trek - 16 days*



"One of the best Trekking Agencies I have ever chosen. I was provided with best guide who knew in-out of the route to Everest Base Camp, tea houses and what is needed when !!! my journey was so comfortable and I had option to chose what I really needed and what could be avoided. I really want to thank them again for nice hospitality and people.. love Nepal and Nepali people and of course Due Holidays and guides... Miss you guys.."


*Itinerary, pricing and schedule subject to change

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