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Nazir Sabir

Nazir Sabir Expeditions (NSE) has been in business for over two decades, but its knowledge of the mountains of Northern Pakistan, where four of the world’s highest mountain ranges converge, spans over three decades. Its driving force is Nazir Sabir, who in the companionship of friends and renowned mountaineers from around the world, has extensively roamed Karakorum, the Hindu Kush and the Himalayas for the better part of his life. He has climbed four of the five 8000ers in Pakistan including K2, the second highest mountain on earth, and was the first from Pakistan to have reached Everest Summit in 2000. He has been on expeditions with Allen Steck, Doug Scott, Reinhold Messner, Isao Shinkai, Peter Habeler, Christine Boskoff, Tsuneo Hasegawa, E. Otani, A. Zawada to name a few.

NSE’s outdoors adventure trips specialize in trekking, mountaineering expeditions, sightseeing safaris, culture tours and tailored trips suiting each customer’s requirements and budget. NSE has also been handling scientific research expeditions and photographic and filming projects to the Karakoram. Besides this, NSE has pioneered environmental projects in collaboration with other agencies and green movements. It has launched several cleaning expeditions in the Karakoram. Preservation of the natural habitat, its flora and fauna, is close to the heart of Nazir Sabir, a naturalist by nature and inclination.

In the words of Nazir Sabir, “The purpose of NSE is to make explorations to the unknown rewarding and safe for everyone. As a mountaineer who has seen the day
dawn after lonely nights of terror and close brushes with death on the world’s highest peaks, I can say there’s nothing like returning safely and getting ready for a new encounter with the unknown. That is when we feel truly rewarded. And in the end our prime purpose is fulfilled when we make friends with our clients and send them back as true ambassadors of our blessed land- Pakistan”.

Our prices are competitive but never at the cost of quality. We deliver what we promise and do not promise what we cannot deliver. This makes NSE a synonym for reliability.



"On behalf of our whole team, please let me say once again that it was a huge privilege to work with you all over the past weeks and months. Josh and Ben made it through customs without any trouble this morning, and we are so grateful to NSE for all of the help you gave us throughout the visa struggles and beyond. We had a wonderful expedition and I promise we are all very willing to give the most positive recommendation to any future clients who are inquiring about NSE. Your generosity was far beyond the call of duty, and we feel very lucky to have connected with you all. Please take good care of yourselves, and be in touch!"

-Willy, United States

"Once again this year I wish to thank you and your excellent staff for making our trip to the Hindu Kush - Chitral, Kalash Valleys and Madaglasht trek - so enjoyable and rewarding. Although one of the ladies had broken her arm just before the trip, the help and kindness she received was second to none and indeed we all found the whole team of porters, cooks, sirdars, police and of course, Baig, contributed to our wonderful experience of Pakistan. This was my third visit to your beautiful country and I sincerely hope it will not be my last."

-Keith, U.K.


*Itinerary, pricing and schedule subject to change

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