Pacific NW Float Trips

Listen very carefully, and hear the gentle gurgling of a mountain stream. It is late spring, and above the timberline the snowpack slowly melts, sending a cool, clear, refreshing fount of water coursing over the smooth stones in the stream bed beside you.

High in the deep blue sky, the sun casts its brilliance over the whole vista and gently warms your skin. Breathe in the fresh, cool air and listen again, even more carefully. Other than the sound of water itself you hear only Peace.

Now vision yourself in this setting as you enjoy the safety and comfort of a Zodiac Adventure exploring the estuary of the Skagit River and the shoreline of Puget Sound as the Magic Skagit transforms itself into salt water and the attraction of the many small Islands and Deception Pass draws your curiosity into reality.

With a passion for people, and a commitment to delivering knowledgeable information in a friendly, personal and positive manner – always giving more than required , Pacific NW Float Trips sets a standard of excellence.

Former teacher, Dave Button, spent his childhood in Newhalem, Washington along the Skagit River where he first started rafting. After earning his teaching degree from Western Washington University, Dave was stationed first in Arizona and later in Alaska where he completed his military duty. While teaching elementary school in Washington, Dave started his first tour business, Pacific Northwest Float Trips in 1974 and became Washington state's first commercial river rafting business.

Inspired by the legendary Georgie White who guided him on a Grand Canyon Colorado River white water trip, Button returned to the Pacific NW to start his own company. Since then, he has operated raft trips, sightseeing tours & eco-nature excursions in Alaska, Washington, Oregon and Arizona. Pacific NW Float Trips pioneered rafting on many Washington Rivers and trained numerous raft guides throughout the Pacific Northwest. Pacific NW Float Trips has been featured in newspapers, television and radio since its very beginning. Most recently Button's company was featured on the the NBC Today Show segment about eagles on the Skagit River and an interview with NPR radio. With a penchant for adventure, Button and his guides have guided nature trips for wildlife viewing, white water thrillers and novelty adventures such as "Quest for the Elusive Sasquatch" (see Seattle PI) and the Touttle "River of Destruction caused by the eruption" of Mt. St. Helens.

"Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things that you didn't do than by the ones you did do. Sail away from the safe harbor...catch the currents and trade winds in your sails..Explore, Dream Discover."

- Mark Twain



"Dear Dave, A huge big thank you to you for taking us on your eagle-spotting adventure on Friday. We all loved it and were totally amazed at the randomness of it all and especially at your generosity of spirit. You took a bunch of strangers and made our day – in fact, made our week! You entertained us and educated us about eagles, you fed us and made us laugh, you took us on an adventure and we want more. When we told the rest of the family, they were all sorry to have missed it. In two years’ time we’ll bring the whole crew back (I only get them every two years for Christmas, the other year they go to the in-laws and have a boring time!). Thank you, thank you, thank you."

- Edna


*Itinerary, pricing and schedule subject to change

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