Sea Horse Eco Safaris

SeaHorse Eco Safaris offers a unique adventurous but educational horseback safari experience. SeaHorse Eco Safaris offer a variety of different horse riding packages from riding school lessons, day rides, 3, 5 & 7day Yoga and Riding Journeys, to 3-15 day packages that are either self cater or all inclusive.

Where we Ride

The scenic beauty of the area in which the trails are done, makes for some of the most beautiful horse riding trails in the country. Large mobile dunes along the north side of Visbaai, offer an excellent terrain for horses to trot and canter over, while enjoying excellent views of the unspoilt bay. Before one gets onto the dunes, the ride takes one through patches of pristine coastal thicket vegetation and remnant patches of the rare Renosterveld vegetation type.

Only small intimate groups will be taken out on rides, to give the client the feel of exclusivity. The riding itself is through an area of spectacular scenery. The rides will be guided, with ecological and interesting facts being brought across to the client as they ride through three vegetation types, namely Renosterveld, Coastal Thicket and mobile sand dunes. Wild animals are also a likely encounter along the ride. Whales and Dolphins can be seen in Visbaai from the dunes in their respective seasons. Grysbok, Common Duiker, Bushbuck, 3 species of Tortoise, Scrub Hare, Bush-pig, Bat Eared Foxes, Badger, Porcupine and Caracal are abundant in the area, and sightings are possible.

The horses are trained, with a host of different horses to ensure each client will be able ride a horse suited to their weight and ability.

Our Philosophy

- We focus on putting the horse's needs first by taking a holistic approach and allowing them to be a horse - which is by far the best gift
- We can give them. We keep our horses as naturally as possible.
- We offer more than riding.
- We focus on sharing the common language which horse and rider can use to enable communication through leadership and mutual respect.This common language of Holistic / Natural Horsemanship allows both horse and rider to develop a mutual trust that eliminates fears and frustrations for both. This opens an entirely new world offering horses and people the ability to experience a new level of respect, love, and enjoyment with one another.



"Cornelia distinguishes herself with consistence of preparation, obvious grasp of issues, clarity of reasoning and an ability to express herself in front people of all ages. I am impressed by her intelligence and enthusiasm. She is a very bright well- read individual who strives for excellence in all she does."


"Cornelia offers a unique experience and training which I have not encountered before and I highly recommend her way of teaching to anyone who loves horses! "



*Itinerary, pricing and schedule subject to change

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