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VIDA is a nonprofit humanitarian organization based in Central America and Minnesota that helps provide free basic medical, dental, and veterinary assistance to needy communities and improve quality of life while offering volunteers from around the world hands-on, eye-opening, mind-enriching experiences. Our programs are designed for pre-health, medical, dental and veterinary students as well as professionals. VIDA is now an approved charity in the USA.

VIDA provides cultural integration activities and opening of the mind and heart to global healthcare and human issues. One of our goals is to have an impact on the future health professionals of the world and to increase the quality of life for people in Central America. Many people do not have access to quality healthcare, therefore, one of our main responsibilities is to educate people on the value of healthcare, hygiene, and public health issues.

VIDA adventures usually encompass two countries and are thirteen days in length in order to learn about the cultural differences between countries. Our mobile clinics are usually set up in a local school, church or local community center and we typically work long hours from 8am to 5pm plus travel time. At this time VIDA offers trips to Costa Rica, Nicaragua and Guatemala.

During a thirteen day trip, we program six or six and one half days of hands-on clinics and at least two adventure or recreational days where we offer volunteers the opportunity to participate in amazing activities. These activities include white water rafting, bungee jumping, beach days, volcano hikes or canopy tours. There may also be some time to explore local communities if time permits and the community is safe.

View our trip schedules here or check out a Sample Itinerary*



"Words can't describe how amazing the VIDA trip and the experience was! It was the best thing I have ever participated in. I worked on the medical team and learned so much from the Doctors. It was amazing to make a difference and truly help others! Not only was the experience great, but the staff and other volunteers were too! I have made countless friendships and learned a lot about myself on this trip! Can't wait to go on another!!!"

- Maggie Vogel, January 2012

"Words truly cannot describe the amazing experience I had while on my VIDA trip. I was part of the Dental team and learned so much not only about dentistry but also about myself. I met some of the most incredible people and have formed everlasting friendships with many of the other volunteers and also with the staff! I would go back in a heartbeat. If you're reading this and wondering if you should take part in a VIDA trip - DO IT! It changed my life."

- Emma Crawford, January 2012


*Itinerary, pricing and schedule subject to change

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